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New Novel – The Treatment

‘We meet a gallery of grotesque yet entirely believable characters, and overhear some of the most interesting dialogue I’ve read in years. The narrator, Carl Hyatt, a ­middle-aged reporter on a dud newspaper, married to a science teacher, befriends a male “sex worker”, Donna Juan, who has taken bloody revenge for homophobic bullying in his youth. Then there are the guilt-ridden publican turned Anglican vicar who overheard the racist thugs plotting the murder years back, the sinister gang leaders, the one-eyed stand-up comedian – they’ll all stay in my head for ever, as will their discussions about the viability and permissibility of revenge, with references to Herodotus, Bacon’s essays, the gospels, Kant … A fantastic book.’ A.N.Wilson reviews The Treatment for The Tablet

Michael reads from The Treatment at Noir at the Bar (Virtual). H
is reading is introduced at 1hr:55min on this video (Episode 6: May 6 2020) Click here to watch

The Treatment — BEST OF 2020 BOOKS (THE ARTS DESK, 31st DECEMBER):


The Treatment – iNews 40 Best Books of 2020

INTERVIEW: ‘I like to carve from the whole block’
Michael interviewed for The Morning Star

REVIEW: ‘No-holds-barred assault on the corruption at the core of British society […]The Treatment is an uncorrupted account of our society and a beautifully vulgar one at that.’
Review in The Morning Star

REVIEW: ‘His writing is addictive, sometimes strange, often beautiful and, as The Treatment makes clear, deserves to be better known.’
Review in i Paper

REVIEW: ‘In his skilful and entertaining explorations of plurality and complexity, Nath wildly eschews the straight story, and celebrates the mixed.’
Review in The Guardian

REVIEW: ‘Allusive, powerful, eccentric, multi-layered … Impressive and thought-provoking.’
Review in Crimetime

REVIEW: ‘A London novel to join the greats’
A review of The Treatment in The Arts Desk

REVIEW: The Treatment remains, for all its unflinching insight into the reality and psychology of the worst hate-crimes imaginable, potently uplifting.
Review in Storgy

REVIEW: ‘A maverick project that defies comparison.’
Review in Metro

FEATURE: ‘We don’t need to erase the individual to tackle systems of hate’
Michael writes in The Big Issue

EXTRACT: New Welsh Review
An extract from The Treatment in the New Welsh Review

An extract from new novel The Treatment in Litro Magazine #170

A review of British Story in Manchester Review of Books.

A tribute to Mark E Smith, as performed at an event at the Poetry Café. Covent Garden, London, ‘A Celebration of Mark E Smith and The Fall’ held on Monday 12th February 2018, a few short weeks after Mark’s death. Also featured in Messing up the Paintwork: The Wit and Wisdom of Mark E Smith (London: Ebury Press, 2018)

A translated extract from British Story is featured in Issue 3 of Mexican cultural magazine Argonauta. This issue’s theme is Cervantes vs Shakespeare.

NEW PODCAST: The Last of Britain
A recording of Michael’s conversation with Nick Groom about Britishness, character and cultural heritage, at Ilkley Literature Festival 2015.

The Society Club in Soho have an impressive selection of literary themed cocktails, including Dr Nath’s Fogcutter: Rum, Cognac, Gin, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple, Orgeat, Sherry.
‘A friend of the club, writer Michael Nath’s books are booze-fuelled. We can’t help but feel the characters would enjoy this tipple as much as the author. “But what’s the point of trying not to drink? It’s so bloody aimless isn’t it?”‘ See the full list here.


British Story British Tour stop at Bad Language, Manchester, January 2015. Click here for more footage from other dates.



‘This frequently surreal tale follows an academic’s entanglement with an oddball group, led by the Falstaffian Arthur Mountain, who share a strange extended tale stretching back to wartime Swansea via Doncaster and Edinburgh. Reminiscent of the work of Kurt Vonnegut, this is a really engaging and entertaining yarn with plenty of knowing literary allusions.’ Times Higher Education Supplement

‘An audacious, encyclopaedic tour of the often violent and always edgy relationship between the English, Welsh and Scottish nations.’
British Story is a Morning Star Book of the Year.

‘A wonderful  exercise in novelistic virtuosity, strange and beautiful.’
Times Literary Supplement

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