British Story British Tour

Michael Nath’s British Story British Tour took place in various venues from June 2014 to April 2016. A selection of the dates are shown below. Click on the links for media / more info

21 April 2016, Merrie England or Falstaff at The Bar, Pontefract (video trailer) (with Nick Groom)
31 March 2016,
University of Westminster
11 October 2015,
Rochester Literature Festival
03 October 2015,
The Last of Britain, Ilkley Literature Festival (podcast) (with Nick Groom)
27 September 2015,
Londonville Lit, The Montage Gallery, Forest Hill, 3pm
07 September 2015, 
A Century on: Modernist Studies in Wales, Swansea –the inaugural conference of the Welsh Network of Modernist Studies.
20 February 2015,
University of Westminster (Video)
28 January 2015, Bad Language, The Castle (Video) Manchester. 7:30pm
17 December 2014
, Spokes, The Golden Ball (Video) York, 8pm
4 October 2014, Jolly Brewer (Video) Lincoln, 6pm
23 June 2014, The Inventor’s Arms (Video) London, 6pm